Holo Snowflake Sticker (Waterproof)
Holo Snowflake Sticker (Waterproof)
KellyMartin Designs

Holo Snowflake Sticker (Waterproof)

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A unique hand drawn snowflake design made into a high quality holographic die-cut sticker. This sticker is 3" x 3 in size, perfect for a water bottle, helmet, computer or anything else you love putting stickers on!

The iridescent effect on this holographic material gives your stickers a psychedelic look. These stickers have a 2-4 year minimum outdoor life, which also makes them great for cars, the dishwasher, and outdoor gear. These are printed on a PVC-free film that’s environmentally friendly.

  • 3" x 3
  • Premium metalized PP film with rainbow holographic pattern
  • PET laminate with UV screening to protect from weather and sunlight
  • 2-4 year outdoor life
  • PVC free product